About Us

About Us

One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients working with multiple marketing companies is this: “Each of our companies is communicating a different message and they’re not on the same page!” This problem creates great confusion for customers and prospects.

Cerami Creative is a full-service digital and traditional marketing company. We first create an agreed-upon marketing strategy and then execute it across all digital and traditional media channels. The message remains the same, regardless of the touch point or channel the customer or prospect interacts with.

Please see the services Cerami Creative provides below.


Frank Cerami – Owner & Chief Marketing Strategist
Frank@CeramiCreative.com   215-893-3004 ext 801

Vincent Ellis – Video Projects Manager
Vince@CeramiCreative.com   215-893-3004 ext 804

Jeff Chestek – Audio Engineer
Jeff@CeramiCreative.com   215-893-3004 ext 802

Len Ward – Digital Marketing Director
Len@CeramiCreative.com   215-893-3004 ext 808

Anthony Finuoli – Art Director
Anthony@CeramiCreative.com   215-893-3004 ext 806

David Chatfield – Graphic Artist
David@CeramiCreative.com   215-893-3004 ext 805

Anne Biggs – Public Relations Director
Anne@CeramiCreative.com   215-893-3004 ext 807

If you are passionate about advertising and marketing, please forward your bio, resume, and portfolio to info@ceramicreative.com. Cerami Creative is always looking for talented new employees, vendors, and contractors.