Media Planning

Media Planning

“Half of the money we spend on advertising doesn’t work, but we just don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

Poppycock! With the research tools and big data available to deft marketers these days, there is no excuse to increase the percentage of your effective traditional media buy to 90 percent. With digital buys, we can increase it further.

Media purchases are so costly these days that every dollar spent must count. Maximum ROI begins with detailed research. Who are your customers and what is the most efficient way to reach them?

Prior to founding this company, our president spent fifteen years in the qualitative and quantitative research trenches studying numerous demographic and psychographic metrics. Cerami Creative now employs neuroscience study results in crafting our clients’ branding communications and media placement strategies.

Given today’s economic conditions, you would be ill-advised to spend your hard-earned dollars until you have this data in front of you. Our company will provide this research for you. More important, we have the experience to interpret this data, revealing essential trends and nuances of your customers and prospects. This information also helps us tailor the tone of the creative: For example, should it be brash and edgy for single young males or more genuine and heartfelt for more mature users?

With traditional media buys, we provide not only real-time viewership metrics but also on-demand and mobile device viewership metrics. With digital media buys, we track all metrics, including engagement.