• Looking Back on 25 Years of Cerami Creative

    It’s been 25 years since we formed our company. We’re going to take a look back at some photos and video clips during that 25 years. We’ll, we’ve reached a milestone. This year, Cerami Creative trading under our Soundbyte corporation, celebrates its 25th year in business. In 1995 we opened …Read More

  • Why We Still Love Automotive Retail Advertising

    The Badger Commercials for the Johnson Automotive Group There’s a great story about the Johnson Automotive Group, a retail group of automotive dealers located in the southern states. The story has been confirmed by several news stories. About twelve years ago, the Johnson Automotive Group contacted The Martin Advertising Agency …Read More

  • Bringing Value to Your Client as a 2019 Agency

    Don’t Be a Job Shop Factory One of the biggest obstacles for all medium and small agencies to avoid is to devolve from an idea company to a job shop. A job shop just executes the work with no plan or strategy. Financial pressure has been so great for agencies …Read More

  • Keystone Content: Quality Marketing Content for Your Growing Company

    It’s an exciting time to begin a new business, especially when it comes to marketing your company. Today, entrepreneurs can harness the web and social media platforms on their own to efficiently reach their prospective clients. Businesses can now become their own publishers and media companies. At some point during …Read More

  • The Value of Using a Story in Your Marketing

    If you have read anything on marketing communications or spoken to a marketing company expert in the past fifteen years, you have heard the advice to develop “a story” for your brand. “What exactly do you mean . . . a story?” For a company’s brand communication, a story, on …Read More