• Will Smith; Average Guy on the Street

    I just watched a speech that Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) gave in June on YouTube. At the end of it, Vaynerchuk mentioned how certain companies and people have grasped how to leverage their brands in today’s highly convoluted marketplace. He said Will Smith is one of those people. Smith understands …Read More

  • Trump & Sanders: Lessons on Marketing Our Companies

    First, let me offer this disclaimer: the following thoughts do not advocate any presidential candidate. These are our thoughts on how people react to current political media communications in the United States and tips on how to market our companies in 2016. Okay, we got that out of the way, …Read More

  • Visual Content: The Muscle in Your Marketing Message

    High-quality visual content in the form of still images and video is paramount to communicating your marketing message, both online and in traditional advertising. Most traditional marketers have understood the importance of this in their traditional advertising for decades. But with the growing focus on keyword strategy and other written …Read More

  • Where’s My Damn “Ups”? (Retail Marketing in 2016)

    Earlier this year, we were told by one of our retail automotive clients that he needs more “ups” in one of his dealership showrooms. For those of you outside the retail automotive business, “ups” are the prospective customers who drive directly to the dealership when they are shopping for a …Read More

  • Digital vs Traditional: Can’t We All Get Along?

    Last week, an article I shared about targeting Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2010) provided insight into how that generation uses media and how a marketer can be available to greet this demo with a business service or product. The article did not tear down any particular type …Read More