• Visual Content: The Muscle in Your Marketing Message

    Start Working Those Visual Content Muscles

    Start Working Those Visual Content Muscles

    High-quality visual content in the form of still images and video is paramount to communicating your marketing message, both online and in traditional advertising. Most traditional marketers have understood the importance of this in their traditional advertising for decades. But with the growing focus on keyword strategy and other written content, they have forgotten to apply that knowledge to their online media.

    Website content and social media posts should always have, at a minimum, an accompanying high-quality image. The best marketers also include regularly produced video content. Short videos (no longer than two minutes) can be in the form of customer testimonials or key company personnel explaining the value proposition of the company’s products or services.

    This past year, we assisted clients in setting up small spaces for video recording within their company facilities. Some clients have forwarded the raw video back to us for quick editing and adding necessary b-roll, music, and additional voice-over.

    Adding regularly scheduled video content to your company’s YouTube page also builds your SEO score. Remember, YouTube is owned by Google and is the second-biggest search engine.

    As you fine-tune your company’s marketing strategy in 2016, understand the power of quality visual content in your digital and traditional marketing efforts.

    See the story by Media Post’s Jack Loechner on the latest neuroscience studies of the power of visual content in communication: