• Compelling Online Video

    The key to twenty-first century marketing is to bring your high-grade video production assets across multiple screens, including mobile and pre-rolls. You can guarantee that if video production is important to communicating your company’s brand, Cerami Creative will set the bar high to produce online videos that engage prospective customers and that you are proud to display. In addition, because the leading online video service, YouTube, is owned by Google, your first-rate online videos, correctly optimized, will generate remarkable results in searches for your company. During a recent workshop in San Francisco, Peter Leto of Google stated: “Online video as a marketing tool is where mobile device marketing was a few years ago: ready to dominate search through engagement.”

    Superior-quality video is the content that separates the amateurs from the pros. Google spiders are now able to read the content within each video to determine how it is ranked in search. Almost all digital marketing companies have jumped into the fray with some sort of quickly assembled video production department for their clients. The results are often unwatchable and unconvincing. The problem is that after five years of being inundated with amateur-looking videos on YouTube, viewers are demanding a higher caliber of videos.

    Cerami Creative began in the business in 1995 by producing award-winning videos and films for television, commercials, and major corporations. We use the same talent (directors, directors of photography, actors, editors, colorists) on our clients’ online videos that we use on their broadcast productions.

  • Website Design

    Many strictly digital marketing companies do not have formal training or an extensive background in design and art direction. Cerami Creative marries award-winning design, including animation and video components, with easy navigation and sensitivity to searching, whether users are accessing the site on a computer or mobile device. Online design, photography, animation, and online video are all critical components that reflect the professionalism of your business. Your site must engage prospects and prompt them to take the next step—contacting your company so you can begin the sales process.

    On the technical side, your site must be designed for easy access to search engines and from mobile devices. Do your pages load within three seconds or less? Forty percent of people will leave a website if it does not meet that threshold.

  • Responsive Web Design and Mobile Marketing

    A responsive web design is as navigable on a mobile phone or tablet device as it is on a laptop or desktop. Mobile marketing has become the fastest growing space within the digital marketing field. People want to access the web from anywhere and have offers made to them anywhere. The smart phone or tablet they carry with them is the easiest way to reach them. You cannot simply duplicate your homepage on a much smaller screen; it must be customized for easy navigation. And by utilizing smart phone location services, you can target to prospective customers who are geographically near your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Google and other search engines use hundreds of algorithms to determine where your website appears in searches. If your website is not coded correctly, your search ranking will be penalized and appear much lower than its potential. Targeted keywords are just the beginning. Search engines make improvements every day to their algorithms and they assign a higher rank to sites that are continuously updated. Therefore, new content must be added, optimized, and reassessed on a monthly basis. The correct citations need to be added and updated regularly. Cerami Creative’s top coding engineers will ensure that your site is seen by Google and other search engines, so that spiders crawling your site result in optimum search engine ranking, and will avoid “black hat” mistakes that penalize your site by placing it at the bottom of search rankings. Cerami Creative provides all its digital customers with an online dashboard so they can track their SEO results anytime during the campaign.

  • Content Creation and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Quality content is the other half of producing good SEO results. Web updates and postings by an in-house employee tend to be forgotten or delayed as other workplace priorities take precedence. At Cerami Creative, you can go about your business knowing that great content is being produced and uploaded on a consistent basis. You can focus on your customers and their needs and let us focus on getting them to your site, engaging them, and transforming them into conversions. For our retail clients, once a prospect has visited your site, retargeting tools allow you to place your ads in front of them as they travel around the web.

    Content creation is not just writing. At Cerami Creative, our content creation also includes links, images, animation, and video, to keep potential customers repeatedly coming to your site and engaging longer while on your site, resulting in improved chances for a higher ranking in search results. A recent article in a national marketing magazine stated that all content is not created equal. Without compelling writing, images, and videos, content is far less able to drive SEO results.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Cerami Creative will create a social media audit and strategy, beginning with a survey of your existing online footprint, as well as those of your competitors, with the goal of determining where your prospects are online and how to create engagement with them. The next step is to build and optimize social media profiles and account setup (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, or LinkedIn, and so on). Regular and timely postings on social media sites have a strong influence on how your website is ranked. Social media postings that “sell” to the visitors have proven to be ineffective in engaging them. We create postings that inform and endeavor to create a conversation with visitors. Cerami Creative is also in the forefront of all the new advertising products that social media sites are offering. Some are priced very modestly and are highly effective in targeting mobile device users while engaging them with social media.

  • Internet Reputation Management

    Are you receiving an inordinate number of negative reviews about your business? Do you suspect it might be competitors posing as customers? There are proven solutions to address this type of abuse. If you have worked hard on good customer service, Cerami Creative will help you manage and increase your good reviews, immediately resulting in improving your company’s online reputation.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing using tracking and measuring results is the most exciting aspect of digital marketing. In a matter of weeks, you can see how effective your campaign is, track the prospects, and make adjustments as necessary. Furthermore, Cerami Creative has the ability to drill down deeper and track your prospects online—from initial contact, to engagement with your sales staff, to purchase, to post-purchase—including follow-ups for service and subsequent sales. All of this is available through a custom online dashboard for each client. Cerami Creative also has the ability to track and measure traditional media campaigns, including radio and television spot engagement.

  • E-mail Marketing / E-commerce and Online Stores

    E-mail campaigns that reach your prospects The biggest obstacle for e-mail campaigns is the enormous number of e-mails that end up in your customers’ spam mail. Google, Yahoo, and Bing have made it a priority to protect consumers from spam e-mail. Furthermore, if not executed correctly, your e-mail list can be rendered useless as these search engines place a black hat label on the list.

    Aesthetics – Cerami Creative brings the same aesthetic detail to your e-mail marketing designs and e-commerce sites that we bring to your traditional marketing materials. Be assured that no matter how your prospects and customers come in contact with your product or service, Cerami Creative will make sure the message is consistent and engaging.

    Finessing Your CRM systems Cerami Creative also has the ability to track your customers’ e-mail correspondence, from initial contact, to follow-up, sale, and most importantly, post-sale, to ensure that they become lifelong, satisfied customers.

    On-Line Stores – You can rest assured that Cerami Creative can build your online store, knowing that it is SEO compliant and bringing positive search results to each of your products or services.

    Retargeting – Retargeting is the ability to have digital ads and offers follow the prospect on the Internet once they have initially clicked on your website or digital ad. Cerami Creative will recommend retargeting services for many of their clients, particularly retail.