• DG Yuengling & Son

    David Casinelli, chief operating officer of D.G. Yuengling & Son, America’s oldest and largest American-owned brewery, said:

    “Frank Cerami and his company have been working with us since 1998. Frank has helped us bring the Yuengling story to the public through his excellent radio, television, print, and web communications. The work embodies the Yuengling brand and has been a key piece of our marketing strategy contributing to our tremendous success.”

    Yuengling has successfully created its brand as the anti-Anheuser-Busch/ Miller/Coors mega-beer company. Because it is America’s oldest brewery and is still family-owned, and because its hearty-tasting flagship lager brand is so popular, Yuengling has been able to communicate its core message as a “domestic import” for people who still consider quality and craft beers to be important.

    Cerami Creative received numerous advertising awards for the Yuengling TV, radio, and video work, including, most recently, five Telly Awards for its television commercials, which ran in all the states that Yuengling now serves.